Auckland District Health Board Collective Agreement

This practice area focuses on developing assessment and research skills so that they can be applied particularly to the clinical and professional practice environment. It is important to support the development and implementation of these capabilities so that audiologists can integrate the practice-based knowledge that underpins their work, demonstrate the quality and improvement of health outcomes, while contributing to the delivery of local services. o Encourages Tangata Whaiora to make appropriate healthy lifestyle choices This agreement applies to all employees defined below. This Agreement refers to the «Employer». — Aligns frameworks, practices and concepts with Maori health paradigms This agreement is concluded in accordance with the Xxx 0000 working relationship and its amendments. Develops a thorough understanding of Pacific health approaches The employer deducts peak expenses from employees` wages and salaries if approved in writing by members. The costs thus deducted will be transmitted to APEX. APEX will provide the employer with a quarterly list of members upon request. Upon request, the employer must provide APEX with quarterly lists of employees covered by this Agreement (APEX members), including occupations and jobs. This Agreement is binding on the parties. If an employee`s employment relationship is terminated by the employer as a result of the sale or transfer of all or part of the employer`s business, this agreement does not require the employer to pay compensation to the employee for dismissal if: Approximately 3500 DHB mental health nurses, public health nurses and mental health workers depend on it. get ready to vote on a new salary offer this month. Recognizes the diversity of cultures and languages.

respects the value of te reo MÄori and its use in the health environment — Encourages consumer participation in the provision of health or health services — Actively supports and engages in their profession to achieve the basic health objectives set by the Ministry of Health and/or the strategy within the framework of the district`s annual plan The parties to this agreement strive to practically improve their working relationships in a spirit of partnership and support in a meaningful way, so that mutually beneficial benefits can be realized for both parties. — Affects community and public health issues — Shows an understanding of national policies, strategies and/or legislation and their impact on health care from MÄori 28.14 Employees on parental leave may, from time to time and by appointment, perform occasional duties during the duration of parental leave, which does not affect the rights and obligations of the employee or employer under this clause. Employees who have a problem in their employment must inform the employer so that the problem can be resolved in a timely manner. In most cases, employees can contact their supervisor to discuss the matter and reach an agreement. HR can help you in this process. However, it is recognized that sometimes employees do not feel comfortable communicating with their supervisor or that it is not possible to reach an agreement. If this is the case, employees may contact an APEX delegate or organizer for advice or support. 22.2 An employee who has exhausted or is about to take sick leave or home leave under this Agreement may request sick leave or additional home leave up to a maximum of 10 days per year. At the Employer`s discretion, the Employee may be granted the following: 20.2 All Employees will continue to be entitled to additional annual leave, pension or recuperation days to which they were entitled under the Employees` employment contracts in effect prior to this Agreement. A reference group has been set up and the 14 people in this group represent 85% of the professions covered by the trial and will meet on 12 August. It should be noted that Apex has also filed a claim for its paramedic members, which will be consolidated in the PSA claim.

If you believe that your profession or role should be included in the list of paramedical care, please contact us at Remuneration and Staff Regulations; Safe Staffing — Healthy Workplaces; Decent wages; Effects of Domestic Violence in the Workplace This agreement may be amended by agreement between the employer (all employers) and APEX, subject to normal ratification procedures. This agreement must be in writing and signed by the parties. The authorized representative of APEX, with the consent of the employer (whose consent cannot be unreasonably withheld), has the right to enter the premises at any reasonable time to interview the employee(s), enforce the agreement on behalf of one or more employees covered by this agreement and other legal acts, but not in such a way as to unreasonably interfere with the activities of each DHB. (i) the period of service with the employer (including the previously recognised service provided by individual workers at the time of entry into force of this Agreement) and 5.2 Although fixed-term employment contracts are justified in some cases, they may not be used to deprive staff of job security. New employees who are not members of APEX will be offered an individual employment contract based on the terms of this SECA for the first 30 days of their employment. At the end of this 30-day period, the employee may decide to join APEX and is bound by this collective agreement or remains in an individual employment contract if he does not join APEX. The well-being of our New Zealand health system in Aotearoa begins with the Oranga (well-being) of our Tāngata (people). Kāhui Oranga, a collaborative group in the health sector, is committed to the well-being of employees in the health sector.

We invite you to check out the «Leading for Wellness» webinar series, which explores aspects of leadership with some of our leaders and resources you find useful. In the absence of a special written agreement between the employer and the employee, the employee or employer will take dismissal or dismiss for four weeks, except in cases of misconduct where an employee may be dismissed immediately. This provision does not restrict or prejudice the employer`s statutory powers to appoint or dismiss […].