Draft Agreement of Security Services

(2) The employer shall return the guard hut erected at the door of the said factory to the security guards, and such guards shall from time to time enter and exit all vehicles and personnel entering and leaving the plant in accordance with the instructions of the employer`s representative, and keep appropriate records of vehicles and personnel entering and leaving the plant. This Security Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions governing the contractual agreement between [the Security Contractor], its establishment at the security company`s address] and [the Customer] who agrees to comply with this Security Agreement. 8. The Company may receive a license required by local or central laws for the provision of security services to the Employer. While [the Security Contractor] provides security services and [the Customer] owns property at [address] and requests the services of the [Security Contractor] in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth herein, [the Security Contractor] and [the Customer], taking into account the mutual promises and agreements secured by the parties specified in this Security Agreement, agree and undertake as follows: 10. This Agreement is valid for a period of one year from the date of performance of such Gifts. In the event of a breach by the Company of any of the terms of this Agreement, or if the services provided by the Company are deemed unsatisfactory by the Employer or for any other reason deemed sufficient by the Employer, the Employer shall have the right to terminate this Agreement in writing with one month`s notice and the Company shall not be entitled to compensation in the event of termination. The Company may also terminate this Agreement with one month`s written notice to the Employer. and if the enterprise that has experience in providing security services to industrial units and other organizations has offered to provide security services to the employer in that plant, and the employer has agreed to use the services provided by the enterprise. 12. In the event of any dispute or discrepancy arising between the parties under this Agreement, the decision of …… will be final and binding and the Company is not entitled to assert claims against the decision of said Shri ………….. (11) Upon the expiry or premature establishment of this Agreement, the company and security personnel shall leave the premises of the plant without in any way damaging the premises and property of the plant located therein.

The security enterprise contract examples refer to the standard contractual arrangements that you can make when hiring a security guard for their company. Read 4 minutes Before hiring a security guard for your business, you need to take a number of steps to reduce your company`s risk to legal risks. These measures include: 13. The stamp duty on this contract and the duplicate thereof are the responsibility of the company. The original is kept by the employer, and the company keeps the duplicate. (9) The employer has the right to supervise the services provided by the enterprise and finds that the conduct, conduct and performance of the work of one of its security guards is not satisfactory, the employer may request the enterprise to recall the person concerned without delay and to replace him or her with another person, and the enterprise shall immediately comply with such instructions from the employer. In witness whereof, [Security Contractor] and [Procuring Entity] have performed this security agreement by both [Security Contractor] and [Procuring Entity] by their duly authorized agent on the date of the year indicated below. as «said factory» and wants to employ security personnel to provide security services to said factory. 6. The Company shall indemnify the Employer against all claims, losses, damages incurred or caused to the Employer as a result of intentional acts or omissions or negligence or negligence of the security forces employed by the Company during the Service. The company provides …….

Security personnel to maintain and protect the department and protection of said factory in accordance with the employer`s requirements. The security guards provided by the company will be in the 8-hour shift for twenty-four hours and must ensure a complete safety device and the protection of said factory around the clock. 14. Unless otherwise agreed, the respective communication addresses relating to matters related to this Agreement are as follows: — There are many ways to create a security contract and, although the specific conditions may vary considerably, the contracts generally do not vary too much in the basic structure of the following sample: 3. The Company shall, at its own expense, provide its security forces with uniforms, weapons, equipment, etc. necessary for the proper functioning of the security services. 4. The Company shall ensure that the security guards provided by it maintain perfect discipline and conduct and in no way cause disruption, harassment, harassment to the management of the Employer or its company or its work or its officers/employees/other subcontractors. 7. The employer pays an amount of Rs. …… (Rupees…………

only) per security guard per month and a sum of Rs. …… by security guard during three national holidays for services provided by the Company upon presentation of the invoice by the Company until the 10th day of the following month. The employer is not allowed to make a payment to the security guards and the payment is only made to the company. Examples of security company contracts refer to the standard contractual arrangements that can be made when hiring security personnel for their company. .