Grm Facility Contract Management

With the powerful iform tool, you can create a basic profile for each contract that includes defining data on important terms, including expiration and renewal information. And then set up the required approval process with our workflow designer. It`s hard to get things done if you don`t know where they stand. With your personal dashboard, you get a clear picture of the status of each contract – where it is in the process and when it got there. If things don`t move, your pre-set reminder will be sent to the approver or you can contact us offline. And dashboards provide insight into how the process is managed. With GRM`s ECM platform, your organization is ready to take information management to the next level, far beyond digital transformation and cloud-based document and file management. With the advent of machine learning and predictive analytics, information management systems are no longer standalone cloud document stores, web-based document managers, or file management systems. You manage contract approval across your organization. Various contracts. Different approval processes. Different status of each.

And it`s hard to really know where each individual is in the approval process. With GRM`s online contract lifecycle management software, you have an overview of the status of each contract approval and are able to move contracts forward. so that the company can move forward. GRM`s contract management solution through VisualVault, our cloud-based platform, delivers incredible value in contract lifecycle management, routing, and approval. Very often you drag yourself into negotiating and redlining a contract, and then the last step – approvals – moves at a snail`s pace and you have no overview of where the process is delayed. An enterprise content management system is a necessity for companies that want to optimize file and document management lifecycles and improve business processes. GRM`s cloud-based ECM system has been equipped with an intuitive user interface and a comprehensive suite of data extraction and workflow management software, enabling administrators to streamline business processes from the start. Did you know that GRM Document Management has been a leader in document storage, scanning and shredding for 30 years? With fifteen facilities in the U.S. and 1,500 employees, we provide document management services to companies such as Jet Blue, Los Angeles Children`s Hospital and Xerox. Workflow automation efficiently moves contracts through required approvals. With GRM`s cloud-based contract management software, you can simultaneously transfer, view, and manage contract volume approval.

Business process management is an integral part of GRM`s content services. From the moment of implementation, when all your business processes and tasks are interconnected, our predictive data analytics and machine learning system starts analyzing every task. Administrators with top-level access have a system that tracks all business processes, files, records, and document management tasks, and automatically recommends tasks that need to be reviewed for possible business process improvements. Our document management software comes in the form of a fully integrated Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). It integrates cloud-based document storage, records management and compliance, an intuitive file management system, document versioning, high-level security, and a comprehensive suite of workflow and content management services. Once a contract has been executed, it is archived in the system for historical reference. And previously assigned metadata is used as important date approximations. Generate notifications for things like contract renewals. Intelligently manage contracts and manage renewals, etc. with automatically assigned metadata. Companies can now streamline or fully automate their organization`s workflows without spending a fortune on additional systems, business process management consultants, or expensive audits. Get a demo of GRM`s content services today to learn how we can help your organization transform data, records, information, and file management processes into competitive advantages.

We have also proven to be a valuable partner for small and medium-sized enterprises in a number of other industries. No wonder many of our existing customers also use our content, file and document management systems. With GRM`s cloud-based contract management software, you can set up a routing workflow and have access to a sleek dashboard that displays the contract status in the approval process. In addition, the software provides a way to proactively archive and manage future contract processes, thanks to the automatic assignment of metadata that triggers alerts on critical contractual conditions such as renewals. Manual data entry tasks are completely replaced by intelligent character recognition and automated data collection. Finding, editing, and performing critical document management tasks is a breeze. And with account-level security and document versioning, you`ll ensure you`re always compliant with the latest regulations for document retention, records management, and reporting. Whether your organization has outdated IT systems that need to be integrated or is still in the early stages of digital transformation, getting started with GRM`s ECM is a seamless process.

With the added capabilities of access via mobile devices, machine learning, and actionable analytics (predictive data analytics), your business naturally has a one-of-a-kind content services platform. «GRM. offers strong cloud-native automation capabilities. Define unique approval processes with our workflow designer. Whether it`s recommended to fully automate the workflow or take a closer look at the tasks of a particular department, administrators have all the information they need to make tough decisions: data about your company`s performance, data for consultants to streamline business processes, and information about records management and getting started with your business process redesign project. . . .