Klarna Loan Agreement Login

If you signed your contract online on klarna.com, simply log in to the merchant portal and go to the product app. At the bottom of the page you will find a confirmation copy of Klarna`s terms and conditions, which in this case constitutes your consent. If you have registered with Klarna via our website klarna.com, you do not have a binding deadline for your consent. The Klarna agreement is available in English, Swedish, German and Finnish. The fastest and easiest way is to make payments and check the status of your payments online and in our app. If you purchase directly from a merchant that offers Klarna`s payment options, we also ask you to make payments through the Klarna app or klarna.com. Simply log in here and make a secure payment with a debit or credit card. With a single login to our merchant portal dashboard, you can access multiple tools for hassle-free business management, new customer acquisition, growth, and more. If you have registered through a partner or a single integration with the klarna sales team, please keep a copy of your contract for future reference or contact Klarna merchant support via an administrator email address. When you sign a contract with Klarna, an account is created on the merchant portal. The email address you entered in the contract is the username. You will receive a welcome email with the username and a one-time password that you will use the first time you log in.

All details and information can be found in your Klarna agreement. Simply contact us at Merchant Support and declare that you wish to transfer your contract. We will send you a transfer contract form that only needs to be completed and returned. Contact sales. Make sure that your platform supports the integration of these countries and that the countries are included in your Klarna agreement. How to pay your monthly financial statement Simply select the «Make Payment» button in your monthly statement email that we send you on or about the 7th of each month, or log in here or in the app and select Financial Account. Once logged in, you can choose to pay your minimum payment or interest savings or a custom amount. The commitment period is 12 months. The contract is automatically extended by one month before the end of the commitment period.

Klarna reserves the right to withdraw from this Agreement at any time. If you want to upgrade your contract to a new version such as PrestaShop or WooCommerce, just fill out the upgrade request form on our website. You can also contact sales for other platform upgrades. Give your team individual access to relevant tools and data. . Do you want to sell with Klarna? Get started right away! If you have promotional purchases coming up at the end of the month, we recommend that you pay the amount of the interest savings to ensure you comply with your promotional terms. Alternatively, you can make your minimum payment. Please note that all promotional balances will be converted to our standard price account, which is charged at 18.9% interest. Contact Sales Contact Reseller Support = 8 && hour How is Klarna done| Apply? Sustainability at Klarna | | payment options| The Klarna shopping disposable card has 90 million shoppers in 20 markets – and the trend is on the rise.

Are you ready to meet them? Our reseller support is always there for you, even via chat, phone or email. Good to know: Our contracts are available in English, Swedish and Finnish. Payment and contact details| manage | settings and notifications Login and access to the | account E-Mail connect make and manage payments | | Payment issues Collection and late fees Click here and enter your verified email address and password. If you have forgotten the password, our reset option will send a new temporary password to the registered email address. Get instant answers to your questions with the help tool. To add a user to the merchant portal, your administrator must sign in to the User app. There, click on «Invite User» in the upper right corner, and then enter the new email address with the desired user role. When everything is done, click «Invite», which will trigger an activation email that will be sent to the new user`s email. If you would like to add more Klarna products to your store account, contact the Klarna sales team with your merchant ID and we will be happy to help. In the Klarna app Log in to the app Click on «My Klarna» to find the option to view your «purchases» or all your «payments» Select the purchase or account you want to pay Follow the instructions to submit your payment and make sure you use the correct payment information when making a payment, to avoid errors.

Easily find the relevant information and necessary advice on the different features of the merchant portal tools. Your one-stop shop to manage everything with Klarna – from day-to-day operations to business growth. Keep track of your business with a daily overview of sales. Enable on-site messaging in the merchant portal today and instantly add personalized financing offers to your website. When shoppers visit your website, let them know about flexible payment options with Klarna`s on-site messaging, designed to increase your online sales and the average value of your orders. If you sell goods to customers in another country, your IBAN number is required to receive international payments. The IBAN number associated with your bank account can be found in your online bank or you can contact your bank. Good to know: Payments cannot be made by phone or bank transfer. If you have registered online and completed your application via Klarna.com, your contract is part of the terms and conditions of your application. Log in to your Merchant Portal account and go to Products.

Open your application and at the bottom of the page you will find a confirmation copy of Klarna`s general terms and conditions — in this case, your contract. . Klarna merchants are protected from fraud if they comply with shipping policies. You can access the shipping policy via this link. Does Klarna perform a credit check? | Does Klarna affect my creditworthiness? Returns| Deliveries| Cancellations| Troubleshoot Maximize your income with a summary of important tasks. Start with Klarna by simply following this link. Track your delivery, process returns and manage your payments in the Klarna app. Get help 24/7 in our chat, come and go, you`ll never miss a message. If you have registered through our sales team, you have received your contract by email. If you can`t find it, your Klarna account manager can provide you with a copy. Did you make a purchase from Klarna? Please visit our customer service page. Run multiple commands on the go with a single click.

No matter which Klarna solution or payment method you use to create the best shopping experience for your customers, the merchant portal makes it easy to run your business. And it won`t cost you anything. You can also contact our sales department by following this link. Local rate: 020 300 50833 Toll free number: 0808 189 3333 RELATED TO COVID-19: 0203 005 0834 Fraud-related (available 24/7): 0203 005 0837 Go to the user application and click on the email address you want to remove. You will then see an alternative called «User Details». Here you can change the status from «On» to «Off». When a user email is disabled, they no longer have the ability to log in to the merchant portal. We can help you as a dealer with all your questions.

Customize billing reports to fit your accounting system. Do you have any other questions? More information can be found here. Are my payments secure? Payment information is processed securely by Klarna. All transactions are made over secure connections protected by the latest industry standard security protocols. Use the merchant portal to manage how your brand is presented to consumers on Klarna channels, including in our shopping app. Click your username in the upper-right corner. Then you will be presented with a list where you can choose your preferred language. Detailed information on Klarna`s ethical guidelines can be found here.

Klarna`s unique and attractive brand ensures you get more eyeballs. And sales. That`s why we`ve created ready-to-use resources for your website, email campaigns, and social media channels. Get the assets in the merchant portal and tell buyers how smoooth you are (yes, with 3 o) you really are.. .