Lowes Service Agreement

I contacted their customer service via their online chat. It took a long time, but I ended up exhausting the agent, and he admitted that I was right, that it didn`t make sense for the Lowes Extended Warranty to work at the same time as the mfg Warranty. For what it`s worth, I`ve saved the entire chat if you`re interested later. But for now, here`s an important excerpt: we bought a range of Lowes with a 5-year extended warranty. In the first 4 years, we had to request the service about 5 times to repair various parts. This last time, Lowes couldn`t find the pieces. We waited a month (we had to call them every week and were told the parts were on their way) before being told that the parts were not available and that we would be reimbursed for the cost of the oven. We were. Read the full review October 14, 2020 I bought an LG refrigerator in November 2018, we bought the protection plan for $168.97. On October 6th, my freezer stopped working and everything was thawed, I had to throw everything in the freezer.

I called Lowe`s, I was given a date of October 21 for someone to watch, 2 and a half weeks away from not having a freezer. They sent me a food loss reimbursement form. I filled it out on October 8, and I haven`t heard anything yet, I`ve lost over $300, steaks, vegetables, fruits, shrimp, salmon, chicken and more. I am so disappointed that the only service people who use them are a small company with 2 service people. I now believe that we have been sold a «product list» through the Lowes Protection Plans. I will see if it is difficult to get my food refund. It`s very annoying, food costs so much money and I do my shopping several times a week. bought a 3 year plan, the seller said he gave us 4 years, he had problems with it and lowes says your warranty increased a year earlier. I. Buy a Lowes extended warranty last year for a $400.00 lawn mower.

The belts continue to loosen. When I brought my mower and warranty to Lowes, I was told they couldn`t help me. Keep in mind that I have stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma and I breathe in my neck. I can`t breathe in the debris if I remove all the straps, and I don`t have the strength. As a certified master mechanic for 35 years, I am very disappointed to have had to resort to Lowes` extended warranty to fix a simple job I could do before. And it`s on my Lowes credit card, so I pay insteant% on that !!! The plaintiff submits that the defendants refuse to provide services or benefits under the protection plan during an overlap with the manufacturer`s warranty. We purchased a range of Lowes with an extended 5-year warranty. In the first 4 years, we had to request the service about 5 times to repair various parts. This last time, Lowes couldn`t find the pieces. We waited a month (we had to call them every week and were told the parts were on their way) before being told that the parts were not available and that we would be reimbursed for the cost of the oven. We received an email and were asked to wait for a refund within 10 days.

Twenty days later and after many calls to warranty service, we still haven`t received a refund. Whenever customer service has informed us that the credit has been sent to us. We even received emails from Lowes saying that the credit was sent in the mail and we received the credit in the mail, it`s been over a month and we haven`t received the credit to buy a new oven. We have been without an oven for 3 months. We have 3 children and need an oven. We can`t afford to buy another one without credit. Dover, De Hippolyte. View Less Lowe`s allows customers to cancel their plan within 30 days of the date of purchase by contacting the plan administrator. The Company will reimburse 100% of the price, less the actual total cost of a service (if any), coverage or performance, labor, replacement, payments, parts and refunds received under the Plan. Lowe`s extended warranty class action also alleges that the plaintiff and alleged plaintiffs in the class action entered into implied contracts with the defendants whereby the defendants agreed to provide services in addition to the manufacturer`s warranties.

My mom has an extended Lowes warranty on her fridge. It stopped working and they sent a repairman. The type of repair indicated that it could not be repaired. It should be able to obtain a replacement. Lowes said it had to do it through the manufacturer. The manufacturing sector said it would take several months. Mom is 79 years old and has been completely refrigerator-free for 5 months. He was promised that they would speed up his refrigerator. She will bring me the documents tomorrow. I will call them to see if I can help them. I had no idea that Lowes was not respecting his warranty or allowing a factory to take advantage of an elderly lady.

I bought a freezer Dec, 2017 bought the three-year protection plan freezer went wrong after two years, Whirpool sent repaim man he said a week for a part, a Monhe passed, called again, said can not get the piece after 45 days a total change of freezer would be honored, expected more than 55 days got a Lowes refund card, To buy the Anoter freezer, now we are in 3 mountains and Lowes said they can`t get the vertical freezers for 4 months. he asked him to refund my money and I was refused, lowes said I had to use the card, I didn`t want anything else, it`s a refund card, I`m without freezer and without my refund, I called the company and I had a total run, I need a freezer, no one will help me!! Recently, I have a refrigerator that was «repaired» in less than a month. I have the extended warranty, the item is a little less than two years old. Every time it was «repaired» it only got worse, first the guard said the fan hit the insulation at the bottom of the unit. Then the thermostat in the back wall of the freezer was replaced, and then they replaced the modular control in the refrigerator area. Finally, less than a week ago, the repairman says it`s a bad compressor. A compressor, he said, costs $600. It`s funny, this unit was less than $500. Each time I lost all the food because the device in the fridge didn`t cool and freeze in the freezer.

The maintenance contract limits the right to food to $300 per claim. I did not make a claim for the first or second repair, I claimed $300 for the third repair, I also claimed $300 for the fourth repair, but I lost more than $1400 in food in total. When the last repairman said he needed a new compressor, he had to order one, and then someone else would come back to replace it. He left the unit in pieces. I called De Lowes Warranty Agents again. When you call, they actually have a menu. One of the choices is for units that are still under the manufacturer`s warranty, and another selection is for units under extended warranty. However, I asked for the last call for them to replace the device, it was on a Wednesday, Friday, I received a Lowes Protection Plan refund card that was attached to a letter. The letter doesn`t say how much the refund costs, it says I should buy another extended warranty when I buy a new device. I have to bring the card to Lowes to find out how much it`s worth, or call Lowe`s housekeeping staff during normal business hours to find out how much is on the map.

Even if it`s a refund of the original purchase, no matter the amount, I still have to pay someone to remove the chemical used to cool the food before the city landfill takes it away, or I have to pay $45.00 to the city to take it away. I never liked the fact that I bought an extended warranty in this case for 5 years, but it was really only for 4 years. and the unit lasted less than two years. Also another problem with Covid, Lowes and others don`t have fridges or freezers in stock, in fact a freezer we liked has 70 new orders. and we were told we could order it, but it will take at least 7 months or more to get it. I still buy the extended warranties and now have at least 4 on the items. In the future, I will buy a warranty for the whole house, because this year alone I had to have my heat pump repaired, replace my water heater, replace a trash can and repair two refrigerators. A homewide warranty is better value for money and some even include minor repairs to the roof or sewer lines.

I hope this class action lawsuit will be approved for disbursement. Since extended warranties are a scam as they never cover the first year of repair, in my case, a 5-year extended warranty was only valid for 4 years. Purchased a kitchen washer and extended warranty. The device has been down for more than 10 working days since the arrival of the incompetent technician. who spend barely 5 minutes watching it. He said they would order the control panel and didn`t hear anything back. We called the Lowes EPP program and spent hours getting information about piecemeal meals that weren`t true. This is not the service they promise when they sell EPP.

There is no response from the team. I bought an extended Lowes warranty on my Samsung dishwasher. The dishwasher gave me an error code on January 1st of this year, I called Lowes, they were planning a service repair. .