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Content Monetization with SPORTRECS

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In late autumn 2020, SPORTRECS partners will get access to the content monetization program. If your goal is not just to publish your sports videos and online broadcasts, but also to receive an income from the distribution of your content, we invite you to join the program, gain new audiences and raise the revenue.

In addition to the existing opportunities, several new features will be available to our partners:

  • create and sell subscriptions to your channels;
  • sell PPV-based broadcasts and get paid for watching any video set;
  • receive 50% of the total ad revenue from your Arena videos; 
  • receive donations from the SPORTRECS audience and Arena fans.

Important: to become eligible for the monetization program, several indicators must be met:

  • views per month: 100,000+ (each view lasting at least 30 seconds);
  • Arena fans: 1000+ fans;
  • videos or broadcasts: at least 8 videos (3+ min long) or 4 live broadcasts (15+ min long).

To achieve these goals, attract viewers to your Arenas, repost SPORTRECS content to your social media accounts, and use a wide range of features like creating highlights of exciting moments. We are always here to help you achieve maximum results. 

The program will be launched in several stages. Russia and CIS-based Arena owners will get the option to receive income from subscriptions and PPVs in October-November 2020. Ad-based monetization for Arenas from Russia will be launched in the first quarter of 2021. Terms and dates of connection for non-CIS Arena owners will be announced later.

To find out more, contact us.

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