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Let’s continue our acquaintance with the SPORTRECS platform. Here are the answers to the most popular questions from our users.

1. Is this platform free?

Yes, the platform is free for partners and will remain so. In addition, we do not claim ad revenue or any other income from your site, including the one generated by using SPORTRECS video catalogue. The infrastructure costs are also covered by the platform.

2. When was the platform created and who runs it?

The platform was created in December 2019. The founders of SPORTRECS are Anatoly Vorontsov and Mikhail Ilyichev. Anatoly Vorontsov is the creator of the Eagle Platform, a content monetization platform backed by the Rambler Group. Mikhail Ilyichev headed Rutube, Dream Industries and other major projects. The two founders worked on streaming projects for a long time and decided to carry out their expertise in a personal project.

3. Will the feature of direct monetization be added?

Yes, this particular feature is now in development and we will present it relatively soon. To participate in the monetization program, a partner will need to comply with several important metrics, such as the number of subscribers, fans and views per month.

4. In which countries can SPORTRECS be used?

The platform can be used in any country with internet access. Restrictions on viewing and broadcasting are set by the copyright holders, so not all content may be accessed. No additional restrictions are artificially imposed.

5. Can I become a partner if I am from another country?

Yes. We are developing a network of partners around the world without restrictions. At the moment we are actively working with countries in the CIS, Asia and North America.

6. Are there plans to change the subject of the platform? 

No, the platform will remain sport-oriented. 

7. How will our partnership be documented?

Partnerships do not imply the signing of separate agreements. You confirm your agreement with the offer on general grounds. An exception can be made when switching to a monetized relationship model.

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