SPORTRECS Tips: Getting Started

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Congratulations! You’ve just become a SPORTRECS partner. Where should you start? We’re here to give you 7 useful tips that will help you effectively attract new audiences at no extra cost by using only the features of our service.

Tip #1: Link your social media to the account and repost your content

Everyone uses social media nowadays, so make the most of it. Post videos and highlights in your arena, repost it into your accounts, and grow your audience. Soon we will release an update that will let you publish all videos to your social media directly from the SPORTRECS account. You won’t need posting planners, because the videos and highlights will be reposted onto your social media pages in a few clicks.

Tip #2: Add a video player or a showcase to your site

It will be easier for viewers to watch games or performances without leaving your site, and more convenient for you to add videos by copying a single link. If you want to get more from your video content, add a whole showcase of videos to your site, thus attracting sports fans and getting the audience to watch more pages per visit.

Tip #3: Tell your audience that they can now watch sports events on SPORTRECS

Post an active link to your video arena with a call to subscribe to your channel on your VK, OK, Facebook or Twitter page. This is useful for the fans of your sport: now they will be able to subscribe to your arena and be notified about broadcasts and new videos. In turn, you will get a loyal growing audience.

Tip #4: Announce your live broadcasts in advance

It’s important to announce your broadcasts in advance, as well as to publish game reviews in a timely manner. Every video and broadcast can be embedded into the announcement post or to the homepage of your site. The videoplayer’s embed code can be found near the videos. In addition, all scheduled live broadcasts will appear in the Upcoming Broadcasts section, effortlessly providing you with some extra promo.

Tip #5: Start a Telegram channel

If you don’t have a Telegram channel right now, start one: it’s really easy. A channel is very useful for quick communication with viewers. When you do, add our bot @SportrecsPublicBot to your channel as an admin with the right to publish posts.

Right during the broadcast you can cut out and publish thrilling moments of the game, and the bot will automatically post them to your Telegram channel. All new videos you upload will also automatically appear on the channel. This is a great way to swiftly deliver more entertaining content and attract new viewers.

Tip #6: Get into the Recommended Videos and Recommended Arenas and increase your audience

It’s very simple: just post your videos on social media. The more videos you post, the more likely they will end up in the Recommended section and increase your reach. Those who share SPORTRECS content on their social media really appreciate this simple way to gain a new audience.

Tip #7: Set up widgets and get the highest CTR

Widgets are a convenient way to direct viewers, collect leads (emails or phone numbers), and work with the database afterwards. Place the widget in your video and direct viewers to polls or ticket offices. It is important that you don’t lose viewers and get more information about the customers of your services. In this case, the CTR can reach 15%. Neither context & target ads nor email can provide such results.

And most importantly: all platform features are free for our partners!

Viewers love action: upload videos, reviews, training sessions or documentaries about sports, and conduct live broadcasts. SPORTRECS is used by hundreds of Russian-language media and thematic platforms daily. Partner with SPORTRECS and grow your audience!

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