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The Professional Football League of Kazakhstan: a new arena on SPORTRECS.COM

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On September 15th, we launched the live game broadcasts of the First League of the Professional Football League of Kazakhstan (PFLK) 2020 on SPORTRECS.COM. The League has partnered with a young and fast growing international video service for the live broadcasts and extra video content for the sports fans.

In addition to the platform itself, the videos are distributed through a network of media partners that use SPORTRECS players in their articles and materials. This paved the way for the first milestone: the first three rounds of the First League have been viewed more than 200 thousand times! According to experts, this is a good result and a solid foundation for further growth. Such high numbers have only strengthened the intention to continue cooperation.

Oleg Kungurov, CTO of PFLK, noted that the SPORTRECS partnership will help the League provide more high-quality video content for the fans by uploading it into the Arena.

PFLK has been working with video for 5 years, creating both live broadcasts and clips for all fans of Kazakhstan football. We understand that we compete with entertainment channels, so we try to keep the audience engaged with almost instantaneous cuts of not only goals, but also exciting moments or other significant episodes from the games of the Kazakhstan championship. Now we can use SPORTRECS to give this treatment to the previously ignored First League games. I hope that the fans will appreciate the SPORTRECS platform: our partners constantly update it and respond both to comments from the viewers and to our suggestions, said Oleg Kungurov.

In turn, Anatoly Vorontsov, SPORTRECS CEO, noted that he sees the promotion of League clubs and joint work on audience development as the main goal of cooperation with PFLK.

Cooperation with other countries’ leagues is an important step in our journey. We make every effort to attract the attention of sports fans all over the world and try to make our platform as useful as possible for both partners and viewers. Given the active start of our partner PFLK on SPORTRECS.COM, I’m certain that together we will do a lot to promote football and the League in particular, said Anatoly Vorontsov.

The Professional Football League of Kazakhstan is one of our most active partners. In the first two weeks after launch, the arena has gained more than 220 thousand video views and the number is growing daily. We wish the PFLK to grow with the SPORTRECS and are confident in the success of our partners.

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