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SPORTRECS & PFL Russia Partnership: Popularizing Russian Soccer

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Starting October 2020, all OLIMP PFL Russia games will be available on the SPORTRECS video platform. Russian Professional Football League will collect all its live games, game reviews and other video content in one place. 

Fans can now subscribe to their favorite club or to the League video arena, receive notifications about upcoming events, and follow the games of their favorite team. SPORTRECS will not only make all PFL games broadcasts available, but will also distribute and monetize the League’s video content.

In December 2019, the PFL adopted the League’s development program. Cooperation with SPORTRECS is another step towards increasing the PFL’s presence in the media space. SPORTRECS is a promising project, and we are excited about working together, said Nikolai Akelkin, PFL Chief Officer.

Anatoly Vorontsov, CEO of SPORTRECS, noted that the main goals of the partnership are the formation of a unified sports media space, as well as the popularization of Russian football.

SPORTRECS is a video marketplace that offers a variety of sports content to viewers around the world. Our partnership will certainly attract more attention to the PFL, and the League itself will be able to profit from its content, said Anatoly Vorontsov.

The PFL Association consists of 64 clubs from 38 regions of the Russian Federation. The Russian football championship among PFL teams is unique in its scale: 6 republics, 30 regions, and two federal cities – Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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