New features — stream monitoring and creating moments from the league’s streams

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Hi, SPORTRECS team is here. This week we have two new tools ready that will significantly improve the partners’ experience.

The first one is stream monitoring. Now you can check your stream’s status in real time through your partner account.

Now each stream has a «Monitoring» tab – new UI contains three charts that display the stability of frame rate and bitrate of the stream, as well as audio and video codecs being used, number of audio channels, and system messages.

On the tab itself there is also a red indicator designed to inform you about any errors with your stream.

We are also excited to introduce the feature that our partners have been asking for – now the clubs in a certain league themselves have the opportunity to create moments from the streams of the league.

In order to allow certain clubs access to this feature leagues should add those clubs to the «Allow clubs to create moments» box.

In the «Streams» tab of their partner account selected clubs see the list of available leagues streams, without any possibility to edit them or see the statistics.

After that the club should choose a stream and click on it – the familiar interface of the editor would open – with its help you create moments from the the league’s stream.

All published moments will appear in the club’s Arena, moreover, they can be automatically published across the club’s social media pages.

This is an easy way to increase the number of videos, which helps to increase the number of views of your content and audience coverage – start using them today.

Right now SPORTRECS team is working on further expansion of the functionality so stay in touch!