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Intoducing new showcase creation interface

This feature is primarily designed for media editors – showcase customisation allows you to deliver the exact content you want.

We have updated the showcase creation interface. Now partners can simply drag and drop rows of video with the mouse, changing their order at will.

Showcases can be customised – for example, by sport or by right holders. Carefully designed showcase can become a full-fledged video section of your website. This function can be useful for any resource, regardless of its scale.

You can learn more about the showcase feature in this post.

This feature will be useful to:

  • news portals and mass media,
  • sports news aggregators,
  • anyone who has their own website and wants to attract visitors to it.

Showcases are an opportunity to create an automatically updated section with sports video content in just a couple of clicks. To try it – contact us here.

Make changes to showcase designs and build a clear content strategy with the new SPORTRECS features.