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Road to glory: Rudra FC on SPORTRECS

Indian football club Rudra joined SPORTRECS on October 6 – in just eight days it has gathered a rather impressive audience and quite a lot of views.

Two arenas are represented on the service – the Arena of the club itself and their football academy, Soccerstar. In just a week the content uploaded by these organisations has generated more than 13 thousand views and attracted almost six hundred fans.

How could a local FC from Mumbai achieve that? Despite the fact that there isn’t much information about Rudra online, the club is quite active on the service – in a week a dozen of videos were uploaded to the Arena, including several videos from training sessions. And what’s also important, Rudra and Soccerstar are not only sports organisations, but also an active community of people who support their local clubs. Their fans just needed a convenient platform, which was provided by SPORTRECS.

Rudra FC also has posted our video showcase on their official website, which is automatically updated with all the content they upload to their Arena.

At the same time, the club has not yet started to stream live – we can only assume how their audience is going to grow if they would use everything SPORTRECS has to offer.

The success of Rudra is a great example of how smaller sports organisation could achieve excellent results in a very short time with the right and active use of our service.