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Selecting time zones and faster content upload

Hi, SPORTRECS team is here. This week we have prepared several improvements that will provide more comfortable experience for right holders, medias, and fans too.

Now in the settings menu of your account you can choose a preferable time zone – according to it you will receive streams reminders, emails and notifications about new content. All users have the Europe/Moscow time zone set by default.

This allows you to configure the publication of videos, streams, and automatic social media notifications accordingly based on the selected time zone. For example, a partner from the Siberia will no longer have to calculate the time of stream publication taking time zone differences into account.

But there’s more. SPORTRECS now has new servers set up in India and Russia, which significantly improves the speed of uploading video to the service (for example, in Moscow it’s 7 times faster!).

Download more content and watch more content – and the best place to do is SPORTRECS.