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Embracing new trends: kabaddi

This week SPORTRECS has started two quite interesting partnerships – with Just Kabaddi League and Kabaddi Adda. These sports organisations deliver content for an underrepresented online (but no less popular) sport, kabaddi. Today we want to tell you more about it.

Kabaddi is one of the oldest games in Asia, which combines elements of wrestling and tag. In 1990 kabaddi was included into the program of the Asian Games in Beijing; since then the game has been a regular sport discipline at this competition. This sport is mostly widespread in India, Iran, Korea, Japan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other South-East Asia countries. In these regions, kabaddi attracts huge amounts of money and is broadcasted on national television.

Still, to this day very few know about the professional leagues in this discipline.  However, the audience and popularity of this sport are growing day by day.

During the last two weeks two largest leagues of kabaddi have joined SPORTRECS. Just Kabaddi League (JKL), managed by Just Sports Group, gathers teams from all over India and provides fans with top-class content. Currently they are running their season live and after partnering with SPORTRECS have taken advantage of some key tools to ensure maximum exposure:

  • Content distribution – SPORTRECS automatically notifies media outlets internationally about every game of JKL.
  • Livestreaming and restreaming – the league streams games live on our service and restreams it to other platforms.
  • Social Media Management – utilizing our free SMM tool, JKL is now generating more posts about their content across their social media pages.

Kabaddi Adda, on the other hand, is spreading the awareness about the sport with their tutorial videos and is also planning on livestreaming with SPORTRECS soon.

As the sports fan community grows on SPORTRECS, kabaddi fans will finally have a way to interact with the real contributors to the sport.

The SPORTRECS service can be useful for any sports organisations disregarding the geographical limits. Our vision is to unite all sports fans on one convenient platform, where everyone can find content to his or her liking. Join us!