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RDS on SPORTRECS: Russian drifting powerhouse is making it big

Today we want to tell you about Russian Drift Series (RDS), a partner of SPORTRECS since spring 2020. In just six months, their Arena has generated more than 300 thousand views. The RDS case perfectly illustrates how using SPORTRECS services helps increase sales and coverage.

Russian Drift Series is the All-Russian drifting competition, whose events have been gathering motorsports fans all over Russia for more than 10 years. RDS has always been especially active in the media space, constantly releasing high-quality photo and video content, interacting with fans in social networks and even releasing their own video game in Steam. Partnership with SPORTRECS was just another logical step in their strategy to increase the online presence of the Series.

Let’s examine a specific case – the second stage of RDS GP 2020 in Nizhny Novgorod.

2300 people paid to watch the livestream of the race. 

At the same time with the livestream RDS had created highlights with the SPORTRECS online feature on their Arena. 23 videos had been added – they have generated a total of 54,418 views. That is roughly 2366 views per each additional video. Each of them had a built-in widget that redirected the viewer to RDS TV – Series’ very own streaming service available through subscription. 

WIth CTR around 6% SPORTRECS has generated more than 3200 direct links to the partner’s website.  

«I believe that the online highights creation service is a great opportunity to promote paid subscriptions and increase coverage of streams, we plan on deeper integrating into SPORTRECS services»,- said Alexander Sharvadze, head of Sponsorship Integration and Special Projects of the Russian Drift Series.

Thus, by simply using the online highights creation service RDS have increased their audience coverage in one race for more than 54 thousand views. At the same time, they have generated more than 3,2 thousand transitions to their website, number of which resulted in signing up of new users and paid subscribers. 

Keep in mind – all of SPORTRECS services are totally free.

This case is an excellent example of how using the SPORTRECS features leads to increase not only in the audience numbers, but also sales.

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