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Content monetization on SPORTRECS: introducing «Products» and «Promocodes» functions

Good new, everyone! We are glad to announce a huge update – now SPORTRECS partners can offer their subscribers paid content and pay-per-view streams, as well as promotional codes for their purchase.

We have finished developing the monetization program, and now it is available for every partner of the service to use. Terms and conditions of access to the program are listed in the «Monetization» tab of the partner’s account menu, as listed below

  • 1k fans
  • Uploads at least 8 videos per month
  • Streams at least 4 live events per month

After reaching these benchmarks, the icons change color and become ticked. After that the partner can contact the moderators of the service and request access to paywall-features «Products» and «Promocodes» – they will replace the «Monetization» tab in the menu.

In the «Products» tab partners can create paid offers for users, i.e. certain content that becomes available for a set fee. 

When creating a product, you choose its contents – it can be videos, streams or collections, for example, paid lessons or training sessions, premium livestreams, backstage or archive materials. Content can be also added to the product through the «Video», «Streams» and «Collections» tabs of the menu.

After that you must specify how the users will buy the products. It may be a «Ticket» or a «Subscription» – in the first case, the payment is made once, and the subscription is renewed automatically. You can create several types of tickets and subscriptions with different validity periods and prices. The «Promocodes» tab allows you to create discounts for your products. You can set a specific discount or specify it as a percentage, as well as specify how many customers can use it and for which products. Promocode is entered when making a purchase.

Then you choose the sales start date and when the content becomes available for users. Partners can also limit the product offer in certain countries.

Using the preview tool in the right side of the screen you can see how the finished product would look like for users. Please note that the purchase button will always display the lowest possible price.

Here you can also copy the embed code to place the product card on your website or other platforms.

After the product is published, it becomes listed – but to start selling it you will have to wait for the moderator’s approval. After that the products are displayed in the partner’s Arena in the «Premium products» section.

This is how the final version of the product looks like for the user:

«About» tab contains answers to the most frequently asked questions, and the «Feedback» form below allows to send a message directly to the rights holder. «Live events», «Videos» and «Collections» tabs introduce users to the premium content from these categories.

Clicking «Buy» opens a menu with possible payment methods. The products can be purchased with or Mastercard, Maestro, Visa and Мир bank cards.

«Products» are available globally, but you can only pay in rubles for now – our team is working on it, and soon the list of accepted currencies will be expanded.

Learn more about the products and promocodes features.

If you have any questions left, please contact us.

Start using our monetization program today and earn with SPORTRECS!