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SPORTRECS Streamer – an end-to-end solution for video production

The SPORTRECS Streamer mobile app is available for every partners of our service – it’s a simple and free way to broadcast competitions, tournaments, matches and training sessions, or any other sports content. Our team is actively working on the development of the app, and today we want to tell you more about the opportunities it provides.

What exactly does SPORTRECS Streamer allow you to do?

To stream from multiple cameras simultaneously, using mobile devices as a signal source. Free multistreaming with two cameras is available for all partners of the service, but it’s possible to add more cameras.

For whom?

For sports rightholders, content producers, and media outlets, regardless of their audience size and budget. SPORTRECS offers any content creator or platform a convenient and effective way to produce video – whether they are sports bloggers, coaches, webinar authors, leagues or clubs. With our app, everyone can broadcast – from local chess tournaments to world famous MMA promotions.

Why SPORTRECS Streamer?

  • Free and easy to use – we will help you save money and make a high-quality broadcast with minimal investment. Each partner can stream for free from two cameras, but you can add additional cameras for a small fee. All you need to do is provide a good connection on the site and log in to the app using your account. Everyone can use SPORTRECS Streamer – it doesn’t require any special technical skills.
  • Boost your content creation – using the SPORTRECS app and service features will diversify your broadcast and provide a new user experience for your audience; mobile devices allow you to stream from any location – you can stream matches, interviews with athletes, individual training sessions or paid lessons.

How it works

  • First, you need to create a partner’s account and an Arena on SPORTRECS – your broadcasts will take place there.
  • Then download the app and log in with your account.
  • Create or select a broadcast created in the partner’s account and click the red button.

After that, the signal from the mobile device will be transmitted to the player, where you can switch cameras – if more than one camera is active (learn more about multistreaming here).

You can also read messages from the broadcast chat in the app.

Learn more about using our mobile app here.

All this makes SPORTRECS Streamer not just an app, but a full-fledged mobile studio. Combined with the service’s features and an adapted player, SPORTRECS creates a new standard for tier 2 production that is accessible to everyone.

The relevance and effectiveness of these technologies have already been recognised by more than 500 sports rights holders who have become our partners and use the service daily. Given the current trend for exclusive content and pandemic related restrictions of live events, the SPORTRECS app will give you everything you need to attract a new audience and step up your broadcasting game.

Livestreaming has never been easier – download SPORTRECS Streamer (in App Store or Google Play) and broadcast from wherever you want!