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«Visit the country» – new catalog of local sports content on SPORTRECS

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new feature, which may be of interest for right holders, media, and users of the service. «Visit the country» is a new convenient way to check out relevant content from a certain region.

The new feature allows you to browse content provided by the right holders from a certain country.

Now on the homepage of the service (in the upper right corner) there is an icon that allows you to go to this new section.

Clicking on a country opens a page where you can find content categories compiled specifically for the region.

  • The «Trending Sports Videos» category contains videos that are being watched right now by viewers from the selected country;
  • «Top Sports Videos» features content that has the most views in the selected country;
  • The «New Sports Videos» includes new content available in that country. 

This page also features the sports most popular of the region which is displayed in separate categories.

This is the first step to creating a catalog of local content on the SPORTRECS service. Follow the updates!