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SPORTRECS player update: floating window mode

This week, we added a new feature that will make the user experience even more comfortable – watching content in the floating window.

A new icon has appeared in the SPORTRECS player (both when watching livestreams and videos) :

When you click on it, a new floating window opens, always located on top of all other windows – the content playback will continue even when you switch the browser tabs or minimize the browser (you just need to leave the tab with the player open).

The player window can be moved and scaled to your liking; you can toggle full-screen mode by clicking on this button:

This feature allows users to watch content in a way that is convenient for them – for example, while simultaneously working in other tabs, or watching several matches at the same time. This, in turn, increases the duration of your content viewing sessions.

This week we will tell you about another new feature – stay in touch!