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SPORTRECS enters partnership with Junior Hockey League

JHL and SPORTRECS have become partners and launched a convenient video subscription system. Broadcasts of Junior Hockey League (JHL) matches are now available on the SPORTRECS platform ( for fans to watch all games live and recorded.

«We are pleased to welcome Junior Hockey League to SPORTRECS and are confident that this is only the beginning of our joint work with the KHL. We will make every effort to ensure that every fan can enjoy the matches of their favourite JHL team with maximum comfort, no matter where they are, and the League and all clubs would receive the best services for broadcasting games and working with their video content»,- promised Anatoly Vorontsov, CEO of SPORTRECS.

For the first time in the history of Junior Hockey League, fans can subscribe not only to all video content about the League, but also broadcasts of individual club matches. To do so, the user should sign up to the site, proceed to the page (video arena) of their favourite club and subscribe to updates. A separate video arena with content about the club has already been created for each team. In addition, members of Junior Hockey League will have access to all SPORTRECS services for working with video content. In particular, the ability to quickly produce highlights of matches.

«We continue to work on expanding the audience of Junior Hockey League and increasing the interest of hockey fans in the tournament. We hope that with the help of the SPORTRECS platform, the number of videos about youth hockey will increase, and viewers will once again notice how many talented hockey players we have. This collaboration will help clubs produce more video content, be closer to fans and get new ones»,- commented Sergey Dobrokhvalov, KHL VP of Marketing and Communications.

We’d like to remind that Junior Hockey League broadcasts all matches on the Internet for free with at least three cameras and a commentator.

JHL was founded in 2009 by 20 professional ice hockey clubs, Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) and Russian Ice Hockey Federation. At the moment, this is the only youth project in Russia of such large-scale and long-term. Now JHL unites young hockey players who are from 16 to 20 years old, playing for 32 teams from Russia and Latvia. The main mission of JHL is the development and popularisation of professional youth hockey, improving the sports skills of players, coaches and referees.