We are hiring: HR manager / IT Recruiter

We are creating a global sports community and are looking for a person who can provide fast and high-quality growth of the SPORTRECS team, a person who will build a real dream team for us!

SPORTRECS is an international video service for sports fans that brings together sports organisations and athletes from all over the world on one platform and provides an opportunity to broadcast game recordings, highlights and livestreams to the audience accompanied by interactive features designed specifically for sports.

If you:

  • Have love for IT in your DNA – you know the difference between Front-end and Back-end, Junior and Senior, Project and Product, understand technology stacks and can independently determine which person is a find for our team
  • Know where to search and can quickly find IT specialists (and not only them)
  • Know exactly how to make a candidate fall in love with a job
  • Want to work in a team for a common goal and you understand that your area of responsibility always affects the overall result and you are ready to take responsibility for it
  • Succeed at meeting deadlines
  • Have worked for a product or an outsourcing IT company
  • Are ready to accept certain challenges such as ASAP tasks and projects
  • Are inspired by the atmosphere of a fast-growing and dynamic startup, and you know how to keep up

If you are interested – send your CV to marked «SPORTRECS HR»

The most important thing for us is your result, and to achieve it you’ll have to:

  • Plan and organize the full process of recruiting IT specialists (and not only them)
  • Aim to effectively fill several vacancies simultaneously
  • Promptly introduce us to potential candidates and conduct interviews
  • Be an «angel» for new coworkers, motivate them to succeed as a part of our team
  • Conduct onboarding of new employees on the first working day, provide support monitor the work plan for the probationary period – adaptation is no less important than finding people
  • Keep track of your results and report on the recruitment funnel
  • Be able to compose a catchy description of our vacancies and offers
  • Participate in the full-fledged development of the product and new projects with us from the position of an HR professional, since the opinion of each employee regarding the common goal is very important for us
  • Always be in touch, provide results and be ready for online interaction with other team members

We’d like you to:

  • Have at least 2 years of successful IT recruitment experience
  • Know how to use occasional «hunting» in your work
  • Confidently use Power Point/Keynote/MS Excel and know how to present your results clearly
  • Have fluent English, as you will also have to communicate with English-speaking candidates and employees of the company

Would be an advantage:

  • You are a skilled negotiator
  • You are familiar with the Bitrix CRM system (or any similar one)

What we offer:

  • Flexible work schedule. Remote work (even after the lockdown) is in priority. The main thing for us is that you must always be in touch, provide results and be ready for online interaction with other team members
  • Regular salary 2 times a month and excellent bonuses for the result
  • Official and legal contract
  • Real growth of your compensation and career in the company based on the results of your work
  • As a startup we are at the stage of active international development – therefore now is the perfect time to join our team and experience the advantages of forming and leading this process; a chance available to few
  • Every week we have a big (online) meeting with the team called SPORTRECS.COM All-Hands, where everyone shares their results, ideas, discussions and suggestions, because for us the most important thing is the involvement of the whole team in a common cause!

It’s important:

We are ready to provide you with everything you need if you want to become a part of a dynamic, focused team that is looking up to solve interesting challenges, constantly develop and create something great, rather than spending your time in the office 9 to 5 for a fixed payment.