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What is the media affiliate program?

SPORTRECS offers an opportunity to earn for both content rights holders and media partners. Today we will tell you more about how the media can monetize their traffic.

Now you’ll have at your service not just a catalog of legal videos, with which you can diversify the materials on your websites – we also give you the opportunity to make money with it. From now on, the service offers every media partner who’s interested the access to the affiliate program – in fact, any media partner of SPORTRECS will be capable of receiving a financial reward for content views in our players.

How to access this program?

  • You must be a registered partner of the service.
  • Place SPORTRECS players on your platforms.
  • Submit a request to join the monetization program and perform a few necessary actions.
  • Reach 10k unique views per month, after which the payments are activated.

After that, SPORTRECS will pay you 37 rubles (or the equivalent in US dollars) for each next thousand unique video views. Payments are made every three months.

With the program you can earn extra money with little to no effort at all – solely by broadcasting content. Start earning with SPORTRECS!

More detailed information about the program can be found in the offer.