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Introducing «Selections»

This week, we have launched a new category – «Selections». These are video playlists, compilations made of materials which are manually selected by the SPORTRECS editors, and today we would like to tell you more about it.

Now, in the «Explore» tab (on the homepage of the service), there is a new carousel with videos called «Selections». Created by our team of editors, each of them highlights the most interesting moments from all the content that the right holders upload.

It looks like this:

To the right of the player itself is a list of used videos; when you click on the information icon, a description of the selection is displayed.

When a new selection is added, it immediately appears in the «Sports News» tab.

  • Why is this good for the right holders?

This is a great way to reanimate older content and to use archives that are often neglected – it’s a rather time-consuming process. But now it can be done by SPORTRECS: our editors pick the selection’s topic and choose relevant content to create playlists; time stamps can be set for each video to convey the most interesting moments to the viewer. And an interested viewer is always a devoted fan.

  • Why is this good for the media?

This is a classic format for entertaining videos. According to statistics, compilation videos generate the most views and are often «evergreen», i.e. remain of high value for viewers over time.

In both cases, the selections will help attract a new audience and increase the number of views.

Posting collections is as easy as using the SPORTRECS player – just copy the embed code and paste it when creating a post. The code can be copied directly from the video page, or in the partner’s account (for media).

Selections are available on SPORTRECS for both registered users and guests.

Take advantage of «Selections» now and reach new audience – we will take care of everything else.