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Outstanding results of 1x Sportz on SPORTRECS

SPORTRECS is increasing the pace of international expansion – now our service operates in 26 countries (excluding Russia and the CIS). And today we would like to highlight the outstanding results of our Indian partners 1x Sportz.

1x Sportz is a fully amalgamated sports management company in India, developing the ways to experience sports. It is one of the most prominent companies in the world, that features a wide array of sporting events occurring all around the globe.

1x Sportz started live streaming the 1x Cricket Cup (that took place in Delhi) on SPORTRECS since the 4th of January. To date, the company has already accumulated more than 69k views!

How could it happen so fast? 1x Sportz has used every opportunity to maximize their results, including our auto-posting tool to ensure that every time they go live or add a new video, their fans on Facebook, Twitter, etc. are notified immediately – generating the most views for each video and stream.

Similarly, they also used our «Studio» to create highlights of each game and make it easier for their fans to watch the top moments of each game again. Overall, we can say that each game’s highlights package brought the same number of views (or maybe even more) than the live game itself!

The tournament has had viewers not just from India but 75 different countries including Russia, USA, UAE, Oman, Bulgaria, Bahrain, UK, Ukraine, Australia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, etc.

With one camera the production of these cricket games is very basic but good enough to attract the fans, who could enjoy every game of the cup absolutely for free.

We certainly look forward to the upcoming football and cricket tournaments under the banner of 1x Sportz along with more international content for the fans.