SPORTRECS enters into partnership with the Volleyball Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic

This day in 1985 the first game of volleyball was played, so we couldn’t imagine a better moment to announce our new international partnership – please welcome, Volleyball Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic (VFKR)!

Latest Kyrgyzstan Championship came to an abrupt end and was not finished because of the coronavirus pandemic, but we hope that with our service every fan would have an opportunity to watch their favorite sport, and the federation will be able to broadcast competitions online.

From now on fans can find records and live broadcasts of VFKR games on SPORTRECS. We hope this cooperation will increase the media exposure of Kyrgyz volleyball and reach more audience all around the world.

«The development of digital technology has led to cooperation with one of the most successful sports broadcasting startups of 2019 –,» FVKR president Elmurza Rakievich Satybaldiev.

Global expansion continues – watch the most interesting FVKR matches on their SPORTRECS Arena!