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SPORTRECS and TVNSports announce partnership in Brazil

Starting February 1, TVNSports gets exclusive rights to develop the streaming service throughout Brazil. The companies have signed a three-year cooperation agreement and will jointly develop their business in Brazil.

We build the best sports streaming service on the market and are very excited to reach an agreement with such a prominent partner in Brazil like TVNSports, – said Anatoly Vorontsov, CEO and Founder of SPORTRECS. – We will continue to develop and improve our services, while our partners will be fully responsible for marketing, promotion and monetization of the services in Brazil. We are honored to offer all Brazilian sports organizations our video streaming solutions. Our goal is to create a global sports marketplace that will drive revenue for both sports right holders and media outlets improving the creation and distribution of video content so the brazilian market is very important for us to operate on.

TVNSports already has streaming rights partnerships with many different sports entities in Brazil, producing not only live events but also a variety of on demand vídeo content and we are very excited with the opportunity to work together with SPORTRECS in a deal that will help our partners to monetize their content and also reach larger audiences through distribution in different media outlets – said Guilherme Figueiredo, Managing Director of TVNSports.


SPORTRECS is an international sports streaming service that connects rightholders to media outlets’ audience and provides opportunities for monetization. Every day hundreds of sports organizations broadcast events and upload their videos to SPORTRECS. With SPORTRECS rightholders can easily broadcast Live events, sell PPVs, subscriptions and monetize their content through ADs.

About TVNSports:

TVNSports is a brazilian sports streaming platform that focuses on the democratization of live events broadcasting and increasing the visibility of brazilian athletes and competitions working on an end to end solution with technology, content production, live broadcasting production and monetization through pay-per-view and ad sales formats. We are the official streaming platform of the Brazilian Olympic Comitee, the Brazilian Confederations of Volleyball, Basketball, Handball, Track&Field, Gymnastics and Table Tennis and also the Santa Catarina State Championship of Soccer, the National Futsal League, the Women’s Basketball League among others.