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New feature: a button to attract fans to the Arena

This week we’ve prepared an update for the rights holders account: now every partner has a new easy way to attract fans to their Arena. Make way for the embeddable «Become a Fan» button!

There’s a new block at the very top of the partner’s account.

The button can be placed on any resource in the same way as the player – with HTML-code. You just need to copy it (you can do it by clicking the icon on the right side of the code box) and place it on your or any other suitable site.

Inviting fans to follow the link in the button will attract unregistered users to your Arena – a window pops up for them, offering quick registration and access to the content. Registered fans will be simply transferred to your Arena’s content page.

You can use the link from the button to attract fans in messengers by simply adding ?become-a-fan to your Arena address.

This is a simple but effective way to increase your fan base on SPORTRECS. Try it and see – placing a button on your site combined with an announcement and a good promo significantly increases the reach of the content.