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Legal aspects of how our free and legal sports video catalogue works

Let’s see how SPORTRECS works with content, why all these videos can be distributed freely and if you can earn money from them.

One of the main SPORTRECS values is the legality of the content we offer; we took care of everything legal and did all the necessary paperwork.

Still many media outlets have doubts related to the placement of content provided by third parties — recently, an active fight against unlicensed web content unfolded, and – along with it – lawsuits began.

How does this work with us and why can you use videos from SPORTRECS without any negative consequences?

First of all, we sign an agreement with the right holder – he guarantees the legal origin of the content and allows its use:

By submitting a video, you grant Sportrecs permission to (with the right to sublicense):

– Stream the video to end users;

– Embed the video on third-party websites;

– Distribute the video via our APIs;

– Display the videos in our owned-and-operated websites, applications (desktop, mobile, Smart TV, etc.);

– Make the video available for download;

– Display the videos in our embeddable video player on third-party websites, applications (desktop, mobile, Smart TV, etc.);

Using the service also means accepting the SPORTRECS rules: they mean free distribution of any uploaded video and allow the media to earn money from them.

The full versions of the documents can be found below:

Thus, all content in any form can be used freely. Our team has sorted out all the legal aspects so that any video can be placed at any resource — in the same way you embed videos from other services. Since the first day of SPORTRECS, neither us or our distribution partners have received a single copyright claim for content/rights and related issues.

Some of the largest media already use SPORTRECS — you can also diversify news publications with our player or playlists, use showcases with videos on the pages of thematic sections of your website and post live broadcasts of interesting events.

Use our videos at your discretion to provide your audience with the highest quality and most interesting content – the SPORTRECS catalog is completely free and legal.