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Sell sponsorship for your tournament in a few clicks through your partner’s account

This week, SPORTRECS introduces a new feature – right holders and brands can form and sign sponsorship agreements directly on the platform.

The pandemic and total digitalization have led to the fact that sponsors prefer to invest online rather than in empty stadiums without spectators. This is a great moment to take advantage of the trend and access a new revenue channel.

Online sponsorship is now available on SPORTRECS – an easy, fast and effective way to raise money from brands, betting companies, and any organizations interested in buying digital sponsorship formats.

So, how does it work?

A new «Sponsorship» tab is available in the partner’s account. It displays the «grade», the level of popularity of the arena, which is assigned depending on the number of views – it affects the cost of a potential sponsorship package and the coverage of the campaign. The more views you have, the higher your grade, and the more you earn. It all depends on you – by developing your arena, you develop your income!

In the same tab, you can generate a concise sales presentation that will help attract sponsors. It is created automatically when you click the «Download the presentation» button.

You have already found a new sponsor or brought an existing one to your Arena? Reach us at to arrange everything and start installing digital formats.

What formats do we offer?

  • In-stream branding – a frame with sponsored content that borders the player with the broadcast.
  • Content banner – a bar at the top of the content page.
  • In-stream banner – the block is placed directly under the player (but does not overlap the video, unlike its TV counterparts!).
  • Arena banner – a massive bar located at the very top of the right holder’s Arena page.
  • Logo – the sponsor’s logo is placed in the corner of the player.
  • Chat banner – placed to the right of the content window.
  • Embed-banner – located in the lower part of the embedded player

Sponsorship packages are available for right holders of any grade, starting from the first thousand views per month. There are two types of sponsorship packages available – the official sponsor (from 1 month) and the general sponsor (from 12 months).

A detailed manual on how «Sponsorship» works is available here.

Sponsorship will attract new money to your organization, and your partners will get a modern, effective and measurable advertising inventory right at your Arena. This offer is only available on SPORTRECS.

It’s just so easy to start earning money! We have prepared everything for you – start selling today!