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The Armwrestling Federation of Russia is becoming huge on SPORTRECS

The Armwrestling Federation of Russia (AFR) joined SPORTRECS only about 5 months ago, but its Arena already boasts very impressive performance.

To date, AFR has held almost every important competition of 2021, including the Russian Arm Wrestling Championship and Championship among people with musculoskeletal injuries. Most of them were broadcasted on SPORTRECS – and attracted an impressive audience.

In less than six months, AFR bypassed the milestone of almost 300k views!

The organization posted links to the upcoming broadcasts on its social media and placed the SPORTRECS player on its website, which immediately paid off – during the peak days of the events, almost 100k views were generated!

Given the recent update of the service and the launch of online sponsorship, AFR can already enter into the most expensive sponsorship agreements on the platform – up to 3.6 million rubles a year. Again, in just 5 months!

«Thanks to the cooperation with SPORTRECS, every year more and more fans of arm wrestling get the opportunity to see live video broadcasts of our competitions.

And the SPORTRECS program for attracting sponsors for the organizers of competitions is just brilliant!

We’d like to thank the SPORTRECS team for the innovative approach to organizing broadcasts, working with potential investors, and professional support of their partners.

This is how customers are turned into friends»,- Alexander Filimonov, Head of AFR.

Such results are very real for any partner of the service – increase the number of views at your Arena and join the winners! Earn money with SPORTRECS today!