The Professional Armwrestling League joins SPORTRECS

Last week we wrote about the achievements of the Armwrestling Federation of Russia, and this week another giant of arm sports, the Professional Armwrestling League (PAL), has joined the service.

PAL was founded in 2001 and has been developing professional arm wrestling all over the world for 20 years. The league is the owner and organizer of the most prestigious arm wrestling tournaments, such as the World Cup of Arm Wrestling among professionals «Zloty Tour», the «Top-8» championship, as well as dozens of international ranking tournaments of various formats.

PAL is also the creator and owner of the world’s largest professional arm wrestling rating URPA ( Today the rating unites more than 2 thousand professional arm wrestlers and hundreds of event organizers from more than 30 countries, including the United States, Ukraine, Russia, China, India, Malaysia, Japan, and others.

The league is actively promoting its media products – live broadcasts of tournaments, series of 6-round Vendetta matches, as well as programs and documentaries dedicated to the stars of professional arm wrestling, athletes training technologies, organizing sports events, and prospects for the development of arm wrestling as a discipline. All of this can now be found in the organization’s Arena on SPORTRECS.

Among the main reasons for entering the partnership, the league named:

  • Availability of the most modern tools for working with live broadcasts and archived content that do not require additional human and financial resources.
  • Direct access to the media to promote content and sports events – and vice versa.
  • The ability to attract sponsors directly on the platform through standardized brand presentation and integration tools.
  • The opportunity to attract partners like betting companies for the gamification of arm wrestling events.
  • The technical base that is not limited by the territory of the CIS, which gives any player in the sports media market almost limitless opportunities for expansion.
  • Audience coverage and ambitious development plans. 

SPORTRECS allows PLA to activate additional revenue streams, including the sale of PPV products, sponsorship slots, as well as tickets for live events and merch.

«The League is optimistic about the cooperation with SPORTRECS, which will not only implement existing plans but also generate new ideas and approaches to accelerate the development of professional arm wrestling around the world.

SPORTRECS has all the necessary media tools for the sports industry. With the support of the SPORTRECS team of pros, we will accelerate the development of our sports discipline»,- Igor Mazurenko, President of PAL.

We are mostly glad to welcome the Professional Armwrestling League on our service and will do everything we can to make our cooperation as productive and profitable as possible. Welcome aboard!