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New revenue source – ad monetization on SPORTRECS

Starting this week, right holders have the opportunity to participate in the ad monetization program on the service: by connecting to it, you can earn money from ad impressions in your content. In this regard, we have updated the partner’s account a bit — let’s see what has changed.

Right holders can now earn money from ad impressions — the «Advertising» tab is now available in the menu of the personal account. There you can request the activation of ad monetization:

After signing all the documents and discussing all the nuances, you will be able to configure blacklists of categories and brands that you do not want to be placed in your content – this is done in the same tab.

The «Products» has also been updated. Now any right holder can request the activation of the feature with no need to reach the milestones of 1 thousand subscribers and 100 thousand views.

This is one of the most extensive updates to SPORTRECS; now every partner can easily start earning with their content — you can start too!