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The SPORTRECS Streamer app update

We are glad to announce the new update of our applications for broadcasting from mobile devices – several nice tweaks were added to Streamer, which we want to tell you about.

First, the most noticeable change: now the chat window can be minimized and expanded at will – just click the gray arrow icon.

You may also have noticed a new slider – it does the zooming (in the iOS version it is on the right, and in the Android version it is on the left). To zoom the image drag it up, or slide it down to return the image to its original size.

And perhaps the most important update is that you can now select one of three image quality presets when you start a broadcast. Of course, the default quality is set to high, but if you have problems with the Internet during the broadcast or for other reasons, you can change it to medium or even low. To select a preset, click on the icon next to the cross in the upper-right corner of the interface.

We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to provide perfect broadcast quality, but we are working to ensure that you can give your audience the best possible content. Take advantage of the updated app and conduct broadcasts from anywhere and in just a few clicks!