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SPORTRECS FAQ: how to attract a bigger audience and increase the number of views?

As the monetization and sponsorship programs* were launched we decided to come up with some instructions for you on how to attract a new audience and increase Arena traffic. Let’s earn together!

A few simple actions can help you significantly increase the number of views – they should be taken immediately after registering as a partner and creating an Arena. So, to increase the number of views you need to:

  • Make a post in your social media that from now on all videos and broadcasts are available on SPORTRECS and give a direct link to the Arena.
  • Place a link to the Arena in the description of communities, pages, and public posts on social media.
  • Specify the link to the Arena in the corresponding section of social networks.
  • Add the SPORTRECS logo with a link to the Arena to the «Partners» section on your website.
  • Add the SPORTRECS icon in the appropriate section on your site, next to the icons of other social media.

After that, it’s time for the SPORTRECS functionality:

  • Install our content showcase on your site (here’s how to do it).
  • Connect social media to auto-posting.
  • Create a selection of highlights and interesting moments of broadcasts.
  • Place the embed code of the relevant video from the Arena in each news item on your site (instructions).
  • Use the «Become a fan» button (you can learn more about it here).

If you are having difficulties with the implementation of these steps – just contact your manager who helped with the initial setup, and he will help you understand everything and explain all the nuances.

And the final stage is the application of proven marketing moves:

  • Organize a contest with the participation of SPORTRECS – now you can create premium products, subscriptions, and promo codes on the service – all this can become a prize for your fans.
  • Conduct exclusive live broadcasts on SPORTRECS; the best result is shown by a Q&A sessions with fans (which is important – only an authorized user can ask a question in the chat).
  • At the end of the video, motivate your audience to subscribe to your Arena on SPORTRECS.

*Monetization programs are not available for individuals