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The success of the Tanzanian T10 Cricket League on SPORTRECS

An associate member of the International Cricket Council drove an unprecedented amount of online viewers.

If you’d google «Tanzanian cricket» — you’ll only find a scarce digital footprint, which kind of makes sense. Cricket is known to attract a very localized audience, tied mostly to Asia and the Middle East. You don’t see cricket competitions as often as, say, football games on international TV — nevertheless, the numbers of viewers and fans in the abovementioned regions are very impressive (think more than 50 billion impressions).

1X Sportz hosts and distributes the games of Tanzania T10, the cricket league, on SPORTRECS, and its performance serves as a great illustration of our hypothesis –

Every sports organization, no matter the scale, is capable of creating a considerable online following — and monetize it, if provided with appropriate tools.

1X Sportz has already live-streamed 4 events on SPORTRECS — 1X Challenger Cup 2021, Football Delhi Women’s League 2021, 1X Challenger Cup 2.0 powered by Sportrecs, and 1X Challenger Trophy FINALS. Last month the broadcasts of the Tanzanian cricket games alone amassed more than 30k views on the Arena of 1X Sportz. Quite a result for a local organization, be sure to check out the games!

The success of Tanzania cricket on SPORTRECS is accessible to anyone — it could be the solution to boost your digital presence and become the single destination to offer content to your fans.