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Kyrgyz Football Union on SPORTRECS – 70k views in one day!

Not so long ago, the Kyrgyz Football Union (KFU) became a partner of our service – and in just 4 months, the sports organization has achieved quite outstanding results. Half a million views sounds impressive itself, but today we want to highlight a specific KFU broadcast.

On June 7, the Kyrgyz Football Union decided to broadcast live matches of national teams on SPORTRECS for the first time – and it is safe to say that the debut was a massive success. The qualifying match of the 2022 World Cup between the teams of Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia was watched by 70 thousand people!

«Previously, we broadcasted the national team’s matches in various online destinations, but we are striving towards more consistency and comfort. And that’s the right platform for us now, SPORTRECS is a service with a huge number of features that we don’t even use to the full yet. In the future, we want to focus on promoting our Arena and improving the quality of broadcasts and content»,- said Natalia Ugryumova, Head of the Communication Department of the Kyrgyz Football Union.

Well, we are happy to congratulate the Kyrgyz Football Union and wish them further success in their work!

By the way, the match on June 7th was only the first one of the scheduled series that KFU will host on SPORTRECS – do not miss the next matches that will be hosted in their Arena.

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