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It’s no «MATCH»: FC Sochi earned more than 2 million rubles for one broadcast on SPORTRECS

Last week, our partner FC Sochi hosted an extremely successful broadcast on SPORTRECS – we want to tell you about its results today.

The rights to the qualification games of European football competitions belong to the clubs playing and usually Russian clubs transfer all the rights to major broadcasters, who either receive these rights in exchange for production or pay very little money. But Sochi decided to try a different approach and diversified access to content – the game was broadcasted simultaneously through SPORTRECS, MATCH TV, and Azerbaijani television.

The Sochi-Keshli match took place on July 22 and was available on the service in PPV format at a price of 75 rubles. The football club sold more than 2 thousand PPVs, earning about 150 thousand rubles, and the total amount of revenue exceeded 2 million rubles.

Such an excellent result was achieved due to the absence of restrictions on advertising, affordable production, betting rights, and digital sponsorship.

«If the game was broadcasted on Match TV, the club would not have earned even half of this money, due to the high production cost and numerous restrictions of the broadcaster»,- comments Ivan Katanaev, Deputy CEO of SPORTRECS.

«By refusing to cooperate with Match TV, we took a risk. For the last two years, they have been taking over the entire technical part. Now it has fallen on our shoulders. We chose the simple way – we agreed with SPORTRECS and Match TV to show it online. In fact, large brands in Europe do it all the time. They sell the rights to different broadcasters.

It’s great that we have found that alternative option»,- said Alexander Kim, head of the Sochi Development Department.

Congratulations to «Sochi» both on winning the match and achieving another milestone!

And we’d like to remind you that similar results are achievable for any partner when performing the simplest marketing steps. Start using your rights to fully monetize content – let’s win together.