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Comment this: USL has connected commentators from two different continents to its broadcast

Recently, a new feature «Remote Commentary» was launched on SPORTRECS, and last week one of the first interesting collaborations took place – USL (Ultimate Sports League) booked a commentator from another continent, from Australia, to their broadcast.

The one-day Ultimate Sports League (USL) table tennis tournament was one of the first events the organizers of which involved commentators in both Russian and English with the help of SPORTRECS. Two commentators from Moscow and one from Australia joined the broadcast.

It is safe to say that the event was a success – both USL and the commentators themselves have found the new feature very comfortable.

«At first I was worried that it would be difficult to use the service, but the process was very accessible and understandable, from login to commenting itself – the new feature is very easy to handle»,- Jerome G, commentator for Big G Sports.

With the help of Remote Commentary from SPORTRECS you can provide your audience with an unprecedented level of content quality and engagement. Try the new feature now –