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The Badminton Federation of the Saratov region signs a sponsorship contract on SPORTRECS

The Badminton Federation of the Saratov Region (FBSO) became one of the first local organizations that signed a contract within the framework of the SPORTRECS digital sponsorship service — today we want to tell you more about this.

By August 2021, many different competitions had been broadcasted at the FBSO Arena, and the number of content views reached 10k/month – which helped attract the online store of badminton products «Badmintonist» as a sponsor.

At the time of signing the contract, the Federation had already entered the second sponsorship grade (read more about grades here), so the contract price for the official sponsor was 5k rubles per month. FBSO sold three months of sponsorship to the «Badmintonist», thus earning 15k rubles.

During the week of the tournament, FBSO broadcasts generated more than 12k ad impressions; the sponsorship package included 3 formats: In-Stream Banner, Chat Banner, and Content Banner. The In-Stream Banner brought the most views – 6334, while its CTR was 2%

Arena Banner
In-stream Banner
Chat Banner

«The SPORTRECS platform is very accessible and easy to use, and the digital sponsorship service allows you to earn money with minimal investment. We have formed a sponsorship contract right on the platform, we plan to further increase the number of views and enter new advertising grades»,- said Dmitry Abramovich, representing FBSO.

«The FBSO case demonstrates that any organization, regardless of its scale, with the right positioning and minimal efforts to promote content, will be able to attract an additional source of revenue with the help of SPORTRECS»,- Eduard Markov, CGO of SPORTRECS.

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