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Partner’s account updates

We have carried out a large-scale update of the partner’s account, designed to make using SPORTRECS even more convenient and easier. Let’s find out what exactly we have updated and added.

The changes affected the «Videos» and «Streams» tabs. When clicking any of them, you will see a lot of new filters for search – previously you could only search by name, and now the following fields are at your disposal:

  • Status – display published and unpublished entries.
  • Tags – display the content containing the specified tags.
  • Date from and Date to – you asked for it, we did it. Now you can search through a specific time period when the content was published.
  • Products – or included in specific products.
  • Sport – the name speaks for itself – sort by sport.
  • Country access – displays a list of content based on geographical restrictions or their absence; the filter works with pre-created templates.
  • Platform access – the mechanism is the same as with countries — with the help of created templates, you can select the content available on certain platforms.

The content list itself has also undergone some changes — the number of group actions that can be applied to content cards has increased.

Now, when you select cards, they are highlighted in purple. After selecting the desired entries, you can apply the following group actions to them:

Publish or unpublish content in the Arena, delete it, create highlights from it, or add it to a collection.

Analytics is now also located in the content card (you see it by clicking on the number of views or the name of the card).

These innovations will make working with content even easier, allowing you to quickly find and manage large amounts of data.

Join us and check it out — working with videos has never been so easy! To connect and create a partner’s personal account, reach us at