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OTT platform powered by SPORTRECS – start making money with your content

Good news: now, with the help of SPORTRECS, each and every right holder can build his own OTT platform, post content there and sell it with a minimum amount of effort and investment. Today we want to tell you more about this new service and illustrate it with the case of our partners, the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF).

This offer becomes a natural development of the platform, taking into account the requests from our customers. Not satisfied with how your Arena on SPORTRECS looks like? Not enough customization options? Do you want to use your own domain? All this was made possible thanks to «OTT powered by SPORTRECS». In the modern digital landscape, having your own platform has become an integral part of digital strategy and a way to emphasize the status of your organization.

So, how does the new offer work:

A variety of blocks allows you to design a functional page online, which serves as a simple and convenient way to monetize rights, post and sell content.

A block with a flashy picture and a button that allows to immediately purchase a product or subscription is usually used as the main page. It can also be placed in any section how you see it fit.

Then you can add other blocks with any name and fill them at your discretion, using several formats —



or Player

For example, you can place a block with product or plan cards (clicking on the card opens a page with a detailed description and the opportuity to purchase a product or access a broadcast), a promo of an upcoming event or a list of sponsors.

Blocks can also be filled with collections containing several videos.

In addition to the main page, you can add the necessary sections: archive, contacts or announcements.

The page also contains links to the partner’s social media.

Thus, you can easily and quickly create an individual service that will meet all your needs.

Our partners IMMAF were among the first to use the new service — and they have achieved outstanding results in the shortest time imaginable.

The site contains archives with recordings of past tournaments — video collections are presented in the corresponding section. The archive is updated after each new tournament, and you can get access to it by purchasing a subscription. The section with broadcasts works in the same way — a new product is created for each new tournament, granting access for a certain period of time; broadcasts are also available by subscription.

The launch of the platform took place on August 1, and by September, 2448 sales had already been made — thus, IMMAF covered the cost of the platform for a year of €5075 in just two weeks. This is an incredible ROI.

If you have any questions regarding our new offering – feel free to hit us at

Now each copyright holder can monetize rights, sell content and attract a new audience with a minimum amount of investment – SPORTRECS provides access to all tools for €299 per month. Build your own OTT platform and start earning now!