How to Sue Someone`s Insurance Company

In some cases, your insurer will send someone to inspect the damage in person. This is a common practice for home insurance claims. It`s really up to you. You can either accept their insurance company`s insurance cheque or ask your insurance company to give you a cheque for damages (your insurance company would then demand a refund from the offending party`s insurance company). If the insurance company cooperates with the guilty party, I would ask them to do so. However, if they don`t respond, you should involve your insurance company. Hello, I was the victim of a car accident that left me with severe neck tension and a slight concussion. Leaving the highway, we waited to pass a green light behind a row of slowly moving cars. A young man also left the highway, apparently saw the green light and crashed into my car at full speed, hoping to catch the traffic light. My car is probably total. The child kept apologizing and admitting to me that he wasn`t paying attention on his phone. As I was in pain, the police did not accept my statement. I went straight to the hospital.

Do I need to add this statement to the police report or is it too late? I think the police officer told my spouse that he had named the driver as reckless. His insurance company had to talk to him because it takes full responsibility for the accident. Can you also ask the insurance company to buy you the exact same car, or do you have to accept their bill, which is probably lower than buying the same car from a dealership? My first car accident. I hope the last one. Tip: Fasten your seatbelt, it saved my life. Thank you for your help. With your own insurance situation #2, an underinsured driver, what if the driver doesn`t have enough insurance to cover accidental injuries? You can always sue them for the rest, but if they don`t have assets, it may not be worth it. One option is to contact your own underinsured motorist coverage if you have it. It can cover medical expenses if the other driver does not have enough insurance.

Take a look at the steps involved in settling insurance claims to get an idea of the overall process. A: More than 90% of all lawsuits are settled before trial. Most likely, your lawsuit against an insurance company will be settled through negotiation and/or mediation. Many experts would advise you not to talk to the other person`s insurance company. While you`ll need to call your own auto insurance company to report the accident, you don`t have to talk to the other driver`s insurance company. It appears that the police included the driver`s information in the police report (name, contact details and possibly insurance information). Police records are public records, which means you can request a copy of the police log. This can usually be done online through the website of the police service that handled the accident (but the process differs depending on the jurisdiction). I was involved in an accident last month, exactly 2 weeks ago. It was a 4-way STOP sign and this lady didn`t see me. She ran straight at me and boned my car.

The police came to get our information, but did not give the lady a ticket, although it is clear that she did not stop at her sign. The police report ticked them off as “suspects at fault”, but after contacting their insurance company, they replied a few days ago that they had completed their investigation and found contradictory information from the two drivers – and since there are no witnesses – they came to the conclusion that they can`t pay me anything! Also, they added that the lady said we were going 50-50 (she repairs her car while I fix mine), knowing full well that the damage to her car was almost nothing. If you feel like your insurance company isn`t doing what it should be doing in defending the claim, you can seek the help of a personal injury lawyer. I would like to invite you to use the directory of law firms to find a lawyer in your area who can help you resolve any legal or insurance issues related to your wife`s accident. Good luck. You can proceed with the claim if the insurer of the other motorist has fully accepted the fault. Make sure that admission is in writing and that witnesses are present. Don`t be too quick to take the billing amount that the insurance company initially offers. You can accept an amount that is not enough to compensate for all your damages.

I had a car accident on December 12. I approached the red light in the left lane, other cars were waiting at the traffic light on my right side. A car came from my right side of a supermarket parking lot, which tried to make a left turn to drive in the opposite direction, entered my lane and hit me on the passenger side. The police got my statement and said verbally that they were to blame and received a ticket for it. I filed both claims with both insurance companies. Your insurance company called and wanted a registered statement. Yes, I did. Now I realize that I should have done it.

Because when I did the interview, I could tell that he was trying to force words out of my mouth, and when I say I didn`t see her at all until she beat me. And then he wondered if you said you didn`t see her, how do you know where she came from. I answered because the car came here. And also to make simple mistakes, like .B. what border, where you say that the bad one comes from the west or the east, then he will do it. Correct me by saying that you mean something like that in the east. So, I am the end of the registration statement he made to me, I need to talk to my people and do more thorough investigations into who is to blame. As it is serious and told me, if I need to repair my car quickly, my insurance company should start repairing it until their investigation is complete. And didn`t tell me when his investigation was over. My general judgment is that they are trying to find ways not to make mistakes or try to fix my car. I need advice on what to do next. Remember, if possible, hiring a lawyer by your insurance company cannot increase your rates based solely on filing a UIM claim.

Hello Renée. You`re right, it`s complicated. How insurance handles a car accident claim in terms of who is to blame depends on the state you`re in. Some states have no-fault insurance, which means you`d make a claim on your own insurance policy. In other states, it would be the responsibility of the guilty driver. The other factor here is if you have uninsured motorist coverage. This article contains good information about accidents involving uninsured or uninsured drivers: Simply put, if you`ve made a claim with the other party`s insurance company, negotiated intensively with them, and they still don`t cover all your expenses, your next step may be to sue the other driver. So my car was parked on the side of the road and someone hit it and summed it up and my mom (who I live with) all negotiated with each other`s insurance and they paid for me to have rent. It`s me and my father-in-law on the paperwork together, he co-wrote for me and we`re both on the titles, but it was my car and I lost everything in the car. My mom claims they sent a check for 500 for my personal belongings in the car (which I`ve never seen or signed), but now it`s 2 months later and there`s a check in the mail addressed to me and a typed paper that says it`s for me, but the check has my name and my stepfather`s on it. Is it the rest of the money they owe me for the damage? Or could it be something else? My father-in-law doesn`t want to leave me the money.

I checked my accounts and it says that my loan was repaid in October, a month after the accident. I am receiving this cheque right now in December. They try to tell me all kinds of things and take the check from me just because his name is on it. What must I do? And is it normal to get such a check after it has been reimbursed by the insurance? And if so, should I be entitled to that money, shouldn`t I? If you`re suing an insurer for rejecting a claim, it`s best to work with a specialized lawyer. An insurance claims lawyer is someone who specializes in these types of cases. Hello, I had a small accident where the other driver turned right to red and hit the right side of the car as I was crossing the intersection. For me, the light was green. The driver admitted that she had not seen me and told the officer. I told the officer what it was and that she had to turn right in red. I called my insurance company and said they would solve it.

But now I have received several calls from the insurance of other drivers. I`m not home right now, I`ve been told that they`ve sent me a letter saying they want me to talk to them so they can complete the claims investigation. .