Otpp Collective Agreement

Ontario Teachers` Pension Plan Council 5550 Yonge Street (finch Avenue) Toronto, Ontario M2M 4H5 Fax number: 1-800-949-8208 Email: member_inquiry@otpp.com Website: www.otpp.com Ottawa Carleton Collective Agreement ETFO/ETFO/ETFO Language of Retirement Download full language of retirement Go to L18 in agreement (PDF) Letter of retirement to be submitted to OCDSB Download your letter to HR/OCDSB (PDF) Video You Tube on retirement of the ETFO – click here, to watch it. Provides a wealth of personal retirement information that you have when you register on iaccessweb. If you`re considering retirement, your individual pension rights and other financial considerations are quite complex. Therefore, if you have any questions about your personal situation, you will need to contact a benefit specialist from the Ontario Teachers` Pension Plan, a tax and financial advisor and an income security specialist at Services Canada directly. Ottawa Carleton`s ETFO/ETFO/ETFO retirement packages provide general and important information; however, do not consider individual circumstances and do not replace seeking professional advice. .