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In the second part of this introduction to ETHICS RM, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to share, transfer forms to colleagues and system roles, create post-approval elements, and existing applications from online forms. NZEC is operated by New Zealand Ethics Limited, a non-profit charity founded in 2008 by former chairs of the Ethics Committee on Health and Disability. NZ Ethics Ltd is committed to leveraging its collective experience to build an ethical infrastructure in New Zealand that complements the ethics review systems of universities and the health sector. NZEC is an example of their planned activities. Others allow for conferences, workshops and interactive meetings to facilitate a stronger dialogue between researchers and ethics committees in New Zealand. NZEC holds a Letter of Intent with Queenstown Resort College to teach ethics to your students and oversee their students` research projects. NZEC continues to provide ethics review for ethics review and support to international researchers conducting research in New Zealand. This section contains the forms to be used to apply for a discount for research projects and postgraduate studies. You will also find the application forms for support to attend conferences and a Grant from the Publication Grant for staff who have recently published research results. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Sally Bodkin-Allen (ext.

8542, email NzEC`s growth has been exponential and most applications have charged a fee for the review of ethics applications. The Committee considered 22 applications in 2014 and 58 in 2017. To adapt to this growth and until a sustainable source of funding can be established, NZEC has introduced a new procedure. To ensure the smooth running of our services, we charge professional and government organizations $500 per application. However, this amount is negotiable. For the community and other non-profit organizations, we respectfully ask for a Koha of up to $500 per application. Bank details for payment: Kiwibank 38-9014-0176382-00. The online platform of the Ethics Committees on Health and Disability (HDEC) and the Standing Committee on Therapeutic Studies (SCOTT) has been upgraded to become Ethics RM. This is taken from 1. September 2021 available underÂ Special Note – There are special provisions for research related to the Treaty of Waitangi, which can be found in the QMS. It is important to note that some investigations conducted by SIT staff and students are not within the purview of the HREC.

If you have a health-related proposal that includes health-related research, as outlined below, you should contact the Bas-Sud Research Ethics Board and inform the HREC. For more information on ethical approvals for health and disability research, see Open&m_id=4. If in doubt, contact the head of research, The Standard Human (Non-Health) Ethics Committee of the University of Otago reviews ethics requests for studies involving human participants that are not otherwise the responsibility of UOHEC (Health) and HDEC. This would apply to studies that are not health research and do not involve patients (e.g. .B. some research involving the general public or healthy disabled people in the community could fall into this category) Most research conducted in the Department of Health Sciences must be submitted to the UOHEC (Health), but if you want more details about the application to the standard (non-health) UOHEC require, please visit the UOHEC website. You can apply online at any time. The dates of the committee`s meetings are also available online.

The research report process differs slightly from one faculty to another. The search report form for H, H and C and SIT2LRN can be found here. For N, M, A&B, reports are done online and are sent at different times of the year. For University of Otago staff and students seeking ethical approval to conduct health science studies with human participants, there are three different ethics committees to choose from: If you have any problems, please email Our new system, the Ethics Review Manager (ETHICS RM), replaced online forms. ETHICS RM is available at: (external link) information on research that requires ethics approval and the ethics review application process, including the application form, sample information and consent forms for all research projects. This is NZ Online Forms, which has been replaced by Ethics RM. The online platform of the Ethics Committees on Health and Disability (HDEC) and the Standing Committee on Therapeutic Studies (SCOTT) has been upgraded to become Ethics RM. This will be available on theÂ from September 1, 2021 Where is your study? ETHICS RM is used for HDEC and SCOTT applications. If your submitted applications have been uploaded to the hdEC and SCOTT Research Ethics Database (RED) systems, they will be available in your Ethics RM account from 1 September 2021. How do you register? If your submitted applications have been uploaded to RED, your existing online form USERNAME and password will work in Ethics RM. YOU DON`T NEED TO CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. The password can be reset if you have forgotten it.

Your email address can be updated if necessary. Your study material Migrating data from online forms to Ethics RM is a two-weekend process. On the first weekend, all data and metadata from the ETHICS RM study were migrated. This way, you can view all your study documents from September 1, 2021. However, you will not be able to open receipts until the end of the second weekend. As of September 8, 2021, you will be able to open all receipts. What happens to applications that have been submitted in online forms but have not yet been submitted? The online forms will remain online until the end of November 2021. If you want to keep your work, you can print the form or save it as a PDF. You can also cut online forms and paste them into Ethics RM. However, the application form changes, so not all questions on the new form can be answered in the same way. Two ETHICS RM training videos that go through most processes are available here: and help, you can also find the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the “Help” drop-down menu at the top of the screen in the NZ Ethics RM forms HDEC and technical support contact information can be found in the Help section, “Contact Information” section. The HDEC website provides information on how to apply through an online procedure.

A useful tip to learn more about the HDEC process is to create a CEH account and then start writing a fictitious ethics request. .